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D of Republic

Erasmus of Rotterdam approached moria, madness to his friend Thomas More writer in turn, precisely to that More we owe the creation of a book like Utopia.
Thomas More, Moria, invents and describes his island that does not exist and the baptism Utopia;
No place.
For Comunity One we started from the stylobate trying to create a place that, as such, was the creator of the utopian dream of coexistence between bipeds.
We had at our disposal an industrial space of one thousand square meters, located in a suburb of Milan with a high industrial characterization but in rapid transformation, adjacent to the new university districts of the bicocca and well served by public transport, the MM 1 Precotto stop is located a few hundred meters.
We imagined invisible little houses built of flying rooms, little houses to live in sharing;
Community within the community.
We bet on the vital importance of beauty and we have saved the saveable because time is value;
Truth has been the companion of the journey, the humble elegance of austere materials;
Iron, sheet metal, wood, cement, natural elements left exposed, ecology within the essential that becomes luxury. 

The business plan required the creation of twelve apartments, part for the sales market and part for the rental market.
Thanks to madness, the preliminary work on the plants has generated large rooms that can be used as small studios with private mezzanines, living room / study on the ground floor and sleeping area in the sky.

The apartments for sale, smaller, with finishes equal to those for the rental market, have been designed with great attention to circulation obtaining excellent livability in relation to the small spaces available. 

 φ, Socrate, Maya, Phidias, Geppetto, Sophia, Ananke, Moria, The doctor, 11, Undermies, Ortigia, Cane. 

Twelve lofts, twelve theatrical overturns for the lives of guests of the community, twelve words that become a story.
The Dog is an intruder; 
Poodle philosopher, the commercial space of Comunityone, will be attentive guest of events, lights, colors and sounds;
door to the city, a space open to the ideas of its guests.


For the community we wanted common spaces that would combine a necessary functionality with an opportunity for aggregation; this is how the idea of the 'laundry' center of community life was born, facing and immersed in the Garden.
Here the guests of the community can play at the launders with amazing machines and while the perfect washing machines will provide for the washing and drying of a thousand and a thousand garments, perfect, our boys can train seriously with the tools of the adjacent gym.
The presence of a condominium laundry also allows to gain space inside the apartments, to reduce costs and consumption, freeing minds to fancy flights no longer crushed by the weight of periodic maintenance.
Plato used to talk about philosophy in the garden of the Akademia, we, who have more modestly at our disposal this uncultivated orchard are content to tell about the architecture,  by _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_building  selling and renting houses that have upset the course of our lives and that, for bet, have the task of entertaining a little yours.
Fruit trees, flowering trees, trees that mark the passing of the seasons, the garden of community 
it will be home to a thousand and one pesky insects.
The fallen fruits will dirty the avenues.
Countless leaves will have to be collected.
Birds will infest and dirty the windows.
And a terrible, very annoying noise of water will not allow sleep. 
The orchard will provide maximum shade during the hot season, while autumn and winter will bring the sun into the houses;
It will warm, in all cases, the hearts.

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